What happens to the biggest losers in gambling?

Gambling enriches rulers, drives millionaires and writers insane, and offers a last resort to the desperately poor. The casino is always a risk. This is what the players go to the gambling establishment: feel the excitement, tickle the nerves, and have fun. However, some people find it very difficult to perceive gambling as just entertainment. They cannot stop, and the amount of money they have lost reaches record amounts. Now there is a list where you can watch biggest loser online Canada.  

Kerry Packer

This media mogul was one of the most desperate high rollers around. In 1999, he topped the list of the most unlucky people in casinos, adding stories of his biggest losses. He lost £ 20 million over three weeks. According to eyewitness accounts, Packer gambled on four separate roulette wheels one night in London and lost £ 15 million, and then left the gambling establishment with a calm air as if nothing had happened.

Archie Karas

This man is a true legend. Karas arrived in Las Vegas with $ 57 in his pocket and within three years turned it into more than $ 40 million. He did this only by participating in various types of gambling: poker, craps, baccarat. Even experienced gamblers were afraid to sit down with him at the same gambling table, as many were aware of his history and abilities to table gambling. Baccarat ended up playing a trick on him. He was so addicted to gambling that he lost his entire fortune in just a few years. However, Karas made some comments regarding his loss: “You have to understand something. Money means nothing to me. I don’t appreciate them. I had all the material things I could ever desire. All. However, money cannot buy what I want: health, freedom, love, happiness. I did not care about my money. So, even though I lost all my money gambling, I was not afraid to lose. I don’t care if I lose them. «

Akio Kashiwagi

In 1992, this player was extremely popular all over the world. A Japanese gambler who runs a large real estate company was very fond of playing baccarat. He holds the world record for the largest loss among anyone who has ever played the game. Akio gambling losses as much as $ 10 million in just one visit to Trump Casino. Shortly thereafter, he was killed outside his home.

Omar Siddiqi

This high-income executive of an electronics company was playing high stakes. In total, he lost about $ 65 million. At one point, he bet $ 200,000 on his blackjack hand. Omar was later arrested for fraud and sentenced to more than 40 years in prison.

Terry Watanabe

Terry Watanabe is a person whose appearance has become a real treat for all casino owners. The history of this player requires special attention, as he holds the record for the amount of money lost in a casino. Terry Watanabe became a co-owner of a souvenir trading company owned by his father. He later sold his stake in it and decided to celebrate it properly. He began to abuse alcohol and get involved in gambling. Terry lived in Las Vegas. In 2007 alone, he lost a fortune — $ 120 million. In total, he lost $ 205 million. It is noteworthy that as much as 6% of the total income of the gambling establishment Harrah`s came from the amount left in it by Terry. Ultimately, Terry realized that the casino administration was using his addiction and was not doing anything, and started playing on debt. The total amount of his debt to the gambling establishment Harrah`s was $ 15,000,000. The administration filed a lawsuit demanding compensation, but Terry’s lawyers were able to prove that the representatives of the gambling establishment especially gave their client strong, expensive drinks to pump out as much as possible of money.

All of these stories are a clear example of how successful and wealthy people sink to the very bottom of their addiction to gambling. Whose fault is it here? Difficult to answer. A player who is unable to stop is a sick person because gambling addiction is officially recognized as a health disorder. It is unclear why casino administrations ignored such obvious signs of addiction among these players.