Find out why Australian women play casino games more frequently

In ancient times, gambling was the exclusive domain of men. Women were forbidden to participate in such activities. In addition, the fairer sex often served as a prize during men’s entertainment. Today the situation has changed dramatically. The percentage of top women poker players is growing steadily.

Rise of Female Australian Gamblers

australia gamblersMen and women treat casinos differently. As a rule, a man, after a visit to the casino, will talk about his victories, greedy slots, cards on hand while playing poker. In general, all of his conversations will be related to losses or winning money. If a woman tells about her experience of participating in gambling, she will definitely share information about the atmosphere of the gambling establishment, its visitors, staff, and also talk about the experienced emotions.

It is believed that the fair sex is distracted from household chores with the help of casinos. Beauties give preference to games in which a minimum of unnecessary actions and mental operations are provided. Representatives of the weaker sex go to playing establishments or visit online resources to create a holiday for themselves, have fun, and feel like they are on vacation. They don’t care about winnings and losses as much as men.

Social Importance

When a survey was conducted among Australian women about the reasons for the popularity of gambling, it turned out that the availability of online casinos and the simplicity of the rules contribute to this. Women choose such entertainment in order to spend time with friends, and only after that they mention the possibility of a big win. Social interaction turns out to be the main reason for the choice of gambling by the fair sex.

What Games Do Aussie Women Prefer?

womens casinoAccording to statistics, the beautiful half of humanity prefers online bingo, slots, and poker.

Bingo is an old game that has existed since 1530. Today this entertainment is chosen by over 100 million casino fans. 70% of them are women. Why do beauties like to play bingo? The answer has to do with the social aspect of the game. Representatives of the better half of humanity like to talk, share feelings and emotions with each other. Moreover, this is possible not only in real life but also in online casinos, where an interactive chat is provided.

Strange as it may seem, beauties love slot machines more than men. After all, gamblers are attracted by games, the outcome of which depends on luck. The ability to compete with them is not as important as it is for men. It is no coincidence that so many devices for women are being created. In addition, the slots offer a wide range of bets. This allows to spend minimal amounts on spins and have fun. For women, big wins are not as important as enjoying the game.

Although bingo and slots are the most popular among women, they also often choose poker. They are especially attracted by online tournaments because here you can not be distracted by ridicule and insults from men.

By playing poker on the Internet, there are also lots of women poker players. Often the percentage of girls in poker rooms is over 60%. And after victories in online tournaments, many beauties become more confident, which pushes them to try their hand offline. This can be good poker women news.

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